The Success Workshop


Presenting my Success breakout seminar; DCCCD Annual Conference

Discover your current success legacy and how you have already blessed others.

Together Let’s Count the ways!

Have you been working in a job you’ve done for decades and are wondering: “What kind of difference am I honestly making?”

Maybe you’ve raised a family and are ready to re-enter the workforce after decades of motherhood. And you’re wondering: “Do I have anything to offer after being out of work all these years?”

This seminar is here to bring you some awesome news:

You Matter!

Perhaps you’re already aware of that. That’s Great! 

Do you realize how much of a difference you’ve already made without even knowing it?  Probably not.

I’m wondering if you’re one of those people who get a compliment for work well done and respond with “I’m just doing my job”?

Then this seminar is for you.

Perhaps you’ve parented children for two decades and are ready to join the workforce again. Yet worry that you have nothing to offer after all this time away.

I invite you to join us and awaken to your inner glory.

During this seminar, we will explore through group and pair-share all the ways you have truly made a difference for others.

Why wait till your death bed life review? Let’s begin now.

A Reflection on My Own Awakening

It was a balmy July evening, and my girlfriend of the time and I were chatting away while walking down a city street together.  Suddenly she grabbed my arm, forced me to stop, and declared “Stephen, I just gave you a compliment! This is the third time I said this to you!”

Wow! What a wake- up call!

Reflecting on this event, I started to accept and even welcome compliments.  This included listening when people said “Thank you!”

Before this change, I was programmed to only look for criticism and “do it right”.

Can you relate to this pattern?

I was taught that to “be a good person”, I had to ignore the compliments or  give one in return.  Or simply knee jerk say “you’re welcome” without letting it into my heart.

Do you respond to compliments and gratitude like I did?

If so, this seminar will help you learn how to receive.  As we receive others’ gratitude we give them the gift of our loving presence.

Who Benefits from the Success Seminar:

  • All individuals 16 and older willing to examine your life and discover blessings you have gifted to others in your life without even knowing.
  • Anyone willing to discover new ways of enhancing your self-esteem and life quality.
  • Anyone going through a life transition, be it personal or employment. This seminar offers you the opportunity to inventory your greatest gifts. These gifts include those you were paid for and volunteer experiences given no professional recognition.

Seminar Activities Include:

  • Introspection and journaling.
  • Pair & share and group sharing opportunities.
  • May be custom tailored to the needs of your organization.
  • Formats available in person and online.

How You Will Benefit from The Success Seminar:

  • Learn the power of unconditional receiving.
  • Discover a positive legacy you are already leaving in your community of friends, family, clients, and co-workers.
  • Leave this experience with enhanced self-esteem and greater awareness of your life’s accomplishments.

“The 90-minute session motivated me and made me feel that I could accomplish my goals. I attended three of Stephen’s sessions and left feeling energized and motivated each time.”

Ms. Cathy Robinson, COVID Response Team Lead | Parkland College | Champaign, Illinois

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