Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Brenda’s Life Weather Map and Analysis

Completed Client Life Weather Maps ©

Client #I:  Brenda Smith  (name changed to protect identity)

The Issue:

The life problem Brenda brought to our session today was the thought that she must sacrifice her soul and work at a job she hates to make enough money.  Her current part time position is unsatisfying with relatively low pay, and her budget demands more income.

The Process:

As always, we begin the session with me asking her feeling- centered questions based on weather metaphor.

Through this process, we uncover three major forces or inner weather systems commanding this life issue. 


As you see on her life map, there’s a high pressure in the north representing freedom. This entails visiting mountains, and a schedule non-constricted by time demands. The emotional weather picture for her north is clear, less humid, and fresher.  Mountains are her favorite terrain.

Of note is she indicates her favorite weather has sunshine with temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s Fahrenheit. So, this high while pleasant, is just a tad warmer than her ideal temperature would be.

In her west is a high-pressure system, representing the best of all worlds for her. This entails balance, with Brenda overseeing her schedule and having reasonable amounts of free time. In addition, her work schedule “would not feel oppressive, though it would still impact her freedom”. However, part of her yearns for the unfettered freedom her northern high-pressure system represents.

In the very middle of her map, the double circle point represents how she currently feels the possibility of employment with a company or agency. Notice the emotional and meteorological tension she feels surrounding this air mass.

As you see, it’s oppressively humid, very hot and she feels out of control and extremely uncomfortable.  Similar variations on this theme exist both to her east and nearby west, with some relief in the south.

Notice the similarities between her weather pictures and emotional/life metaphors across those directions. 

Thus, a deep tropical low lies just east of her present awareness. This low-pressure system influences her outlook overhead and across her eastern and southern directions. These directions represent her past and feeling regions.

Next,  I draw her inner weather map depicting these various weather systems and boundaries.

Once her map is in place, I ask a few more questions to verify accuracy. Then together we create an action plan for her empowerment. This plan is reveals the best ways she may manipulate the weather systems on her map.

Putting it all together:  Brenda Smith’s Action Plan

After further discussion, we agree on the following:

  1. A tropical low is situated just east of her conscious awareness, affecting her present feelings and ongoing assumptions.
  2. The high in the north represents freedom from having to work at all, and just playing in the mountains. However, it will not resolve her budget problem.
  3. The high in the west represents working for a company where her life/work balance is optimized.  Here she earns a decent living and still has freedom to take “I” time. In addition, this job will be a vehicle for her making a positive difference.
  4. Her action plan is to go to a career resource center and meet with a career counselor. During their session, they will explore what might best fit her personality and work desires. I also suggested that she take a career strength assessment. This assessment will show her greatest strengths, career aptitudes and interests.
  5. Once she manifests this part time position, she may then combine the two high pressure systems. During breaks or vacations from her job, she may take time for unfettered freedom and trips to the mountains.
  6. As she combines those two high pressure systems, they will unite into one large system. The strength of this unified system will begin to push the tropical low off to the east and out of the area. This corresponds to a much less stressful lifestyle for Brenda and her budget. Of course, from time to time, weather disturbances may appear in her life. But that stagnant low will be a thing of the past.
  7. We end the session with Brenda feeling extremely inspired by this emotional weather report. She feels excited about the prospect of meeting with a career counselor, taking the career assessment, looking at community job listings and taking it from there.


A crucial key to her satisfaction and successful session is the fact that we drew on the power of her unconscious mind. First she created weather pictures for each direction. 

Next, she translated those pictures into life metaphors.

Finally, we arrived to an action plan which was not available to her conscious mind.