For 11 years, through 2020, I worked for the Dallas County College Community College District in the capacity of academic and career advisor and coach. Among other things, I founded the Visionary Students of Richland College club, an organization especially geared for students having a dream of making this planet a much better place to live.

My philosophy and approach were to witness the light of the Divine in each person I interacted with. And be a midwife for each student’s enhanced self-expression and success in their lives and careers. 

During my work there, I received many thanks for my presence, from students, co-workers and managers. Following are excerpts from some of the notes, emails and letters I received:

I had the privilege of being Stephen Levine’s supervisor for seven years. Stephen is a man of high integrity and loyalty. His compassion for his fellow man is admirable. He is hard working and does not settle for complacency. In addition to working in his capacity as an advisor at Dallas College, Richland Campus, Stephen has been involved in several outside activities. He is an avid storm and tornado enthusiast, taking thousands of unbelievable photographs, teaching classes and giving presentations on the subject.

Cindy Berry

M.A. Director, Dallas College, Richland Campus

In my role as Associate Director of Advising, I served as Stephen’s supervisor for 5 years. Stephen is highly collaborative, relatable and organized. He has been invited to make several presentations for our District’s Professional Development events in 2019 and 2020, where his sessions were filled to capacity!

Cathy Robinson

Associate Director of Student Services, Dallas College/Richland Campus

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me through school! Without your guidance I wouldn’t know where I’d be. God Bless You!

Mellissa S.

Thank you for your constant encouragement and being there for me. I’m very happy you’re my advisor while I’m here trying to achieve, succeed and pursue my education. You’re a BIG BLESSING!!!

Alice D.

You embrace what every person offers and listen to their stories with genuine interest and concern, and even comforts them when needed. You have a spiritual connection with most of this world’s goodness and beauty. Rare indeed.

Ron Taylor


You are the nicest and most helpful advisor I’ve ever met. Even though I graduated Richland College, I’m still your big fan student. I met lots of new students who asked me about great advisors in Richland College. I mentioned your name and hope one day I can meet you in Richland College again.

Vinh V.

It’s truly been a long road; journey and you have been beside me the entire time. THANK YOU!!!. Thank you for being honest with me, encouraging me, most of all listening. I’m thankful to have had you as an advisor, you always made me feel like I can do it, regardless of how long of a journey it had been. You and your presence were such inspiration to me.

Crystal W.


Speaking at the "You are More Successful than You Ever Imagined Possible" breakout secction; DCCCD Annual Conference