Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Some Words on Grief

Why is Accepting Our Grief Important?

In my classes and private client sessions, grief is a common theme during my readings.

A significant majority of my clients have unconsciously carried grief, sometimes for years.

How Hidden Grief Affects Our Life Force:

Unconscious grief drains the power of one of more of our life energy centers. This diminishes our effectiveness in what we wish accomplish in our life’s work and our relationships.

Unconscious grief may affect the health of our everyday mood. It may rob us from feeling deep joy and gratitude.

Where Grief Hides Out:

The chakras most affected by grief include:

Throat: Stuck and unexpressed sadness.

Upper Heart: Carrying a burden, be it conscious or unconscious. Or, holding either fresh or old, unresolved losses.

Unresolved grief sometimes lies within the Solar Plexus and/or the Hara area.  This represents grief around giving one’s power away to others.

We’ve Been Trained To Hide our Sorrows

Grief is one of the most difficult feelings for us as a society to accept within ourselves.

This is because we’ve been trained to:

  1. Keep a stiff upper lip and move on”.
  2.  Fear being a burden on others if we “unload”.  I myself was taught this, and finally learned  it’s an honor to listen to others grief, and be received when sharing my own grief.

Like all unresolved feelings, if deep and strong enough, grief goes internal. This could result in:

1)  Physical symptoms such as migraine, persistent milder headaches, feelings of malaise, or intestinal problems.

2) Feeling easy to anger, which might hide deeper underlying grief. This sometimes shows up in my life to this day.

When I catch myself easily being irritated, I ask myself “OK, what’s going on under this?” It’s almost always grief or loss which was operating in the background.

3) Emotional and/or physical depression episodes.

My Readings Will Help You Uncover and Heal Your Grief

During my readings, I have universally found when my clients’ grief is identified and expressed, the following results occur:

  • Immediate relief, resulting in tears and deep acknowledgement. (we have lots of tissues on hand)
  • Enhanced self-compassion and understanding. This includes understanding of how this hidden grief has affected their lives.
  • An opportunity to extend deeper love and acceptance of themselves while grieving.
  • An opportunity to receive gentle, loving support from me as release and healing begins.
  • Resolution of questions around specific negative patterns in their relationships. This inspires within my clients a feeling of new direction and personal empowerment.
  • During our sessions, we receive powerful affirmations designed to bring strength, greater self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • Through this, a deepened feeling of fulfillment grows within my clients’ lives.
  • After ending our session, my clients leave the room with renewed hope and gratitude.

I’m here to help you to begin a path of healing and renewal.

Contact me by text or email. In addition, I have regular office hours at The Energy Within KC Metaphysical Store in Overland Park, Kansas. You may book a session with me via the following link: