Mapping the Weather of Your Heart- Private Sessions


Each photo captured by Stephen Eric Levine M.A. Photography

How This Seminar Was Born

When I was six years old, after being severely disciplined for who knows what, my heart sunk into deep shame.  I thought to myself “What weather out there feels like I feel inside now?”  What came to me was a cold, dank gray day with pelting icy rain and sleet. 

By imagining weather which could happen outside which matched my feelings, I felt relief and uplift, and the shame vanished.

In this moment weather also became my healer, and a core principle of this work was born.

Who Benefits from This Experience :

  • Are you willing to accept your feelings, regardless of how awkward or scary they may feel?
  • Do you need clarity before making a big life decision?
  • Have you been dealing with conflicting options in your personal or work life?

Receive Healing, Clarity and Resolution through the following tools:

  • The power of your unconscious mind through active imagination.
  • Discovering a perfect weather metaphor to describe your situation or choices. These metaphors offer you profound validation.
  • Combing psychology and weather science,  you receive a visual profile of every available option. We chart this on paper, just like a TV weather map. But guess what? This is your Personal Life Profile! Each option is clearly defined.
  • From this we create a concrete action plan for you to take.


Stephen Levine is a gifted guide. Our session brought together his love of storm chasing with the spiritual and psychological parts of our lives. His insight and reading of my situation were spot on, and encouraging. I would recommend you partake in the journey into yourself.

Lesley P. – Banker, Houston TX

Sample Life Weather Map from Client Session: