Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Our Amazing Tapestry

I t was 1990, and I was sitting alone as usual in my Vermont kitchen having dinner and listening to music.

On this particular evening, an amazing and unexpected transformation occurred in my life:

My Out of Body Journey:

One of Pat Methany’s jazz songs came on the radio, and suddenly during its reflective interlude, my spirit left my body.

I found myself elevated in outer space, looking down on our glorious planet.

The earth hummed with a beautiful, trance-like symphony, peacefully immersing me in its essence. This symphony melted all music existing on our planet into one great song.

As this mystical symphony played, a beautiful tapestry appeared, merging all the colors of our earthly cultures and their people into a lovely quilt. Each patch offering a snippet of vibrancy and uniqueness yet blending into a perfect “sewing bee” quilt.

This union of humanity’s color and song was so breath- taking it moved me to tears.

During this experience I realized how from the perspective of outer space, our differences come together in beauty and harmony beyond words.

Celebrating Our Tapestry in Present Time

Years later, to honor my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, we enjoyed a lovely Caribbean cruise together as a family.

During the final “Captains Dinner”, a vivid example of this tapestry came alive. This is captured in the “March of Flags”, photo shown above.

Our Cruise ship, the Royal Caribbean chose this closing ceremony to celebrate all 144 countries represented on our ship.

Each Nation flashed its vivid colored flag, yet blended into a dancing blanket of artistry, celebration, and vibrancy. Once again, I was moved to tears as I witnessed this colorful quilt of humankind.

I believe as a civilization, we truly can come to realize this Vision.

As this new calendar year dawns upon us, together let’s affirm that 2022 will bring us closer to the tapestry we are in spirit and truly deserve to experience in physical reality.

Together, Let’s Carry the Vision Forward:

I welcome your suggestions as to how we might bring this Vision to being.

Please send them to Stephen@transformationalgrowthexperiences.com

If enough arrive to my inbox, I will gather your comments and post them together in a new blog post.