Healing Through Chakra Awareness – Group Sessions

Healing Through Chakra Awareness – Small Group Sessions

An invitation to Radical Life Breakthroughs

Stephen Eric Levine, Healer and Transformational Growth Coach

In this class, you will learn about your nine major life force centers or Chakras. And how this knowledge will enhance your quality of life.

What is a “Chakra”?

We have numerous life force centers located in our physical and auric fields. The concept of chakras or life energy centers is over 2,000 years old and originates in Aurvedic and Chinese medical systems.

I have a unique gift of “seeing” your energy centers or chakras, how clear or congested they are, and your mental-emotional issues hidden within each.

During our class, you will learn how your chakra health impacts key aspects of your life, both negative and positive. This includes your overall health of body mind and spirit.

Each participant will receive a brief general reading. This reading brings you life- changing insights and a concrete action plan.

You will receive specific tools and life affirming affirmations to bring home. These will assist you with enhancing your inner peace, self-confidence and effective self-expression.

In This Class, You Will Discover How:

  • Each chakra affects your physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual well-being.
  • To utilize your body’s  two “Magic Buttons” for immediate empowerment and self-esteem. By placing your hands on these two energy centers you may immediately transform anxiety to calm and peace.
  • Your clouded or blocked chakras hinder your self-expression. They can collude to reinforce prior challenges.
  • Where your clear chakras exist in your energy field to express your hidden gifts.
  • You may achieve cherished dreams you’ve been fearful of expressing.

Sample Participant Testimonials:

” It was truly an honor to be in your presence on Sunday. I was very impressed, and have been telling everyone about you”

P. S., Dallas Texas

” … I’ve released those feelings of anxiety and let go. I started breathing. I haven’t taken a breath in a long time”

– A. M., Dallas, Texas

” I began remembering things from my past that I so enjoyed doing. That I quit for some reason! I’m reawakening to my joy.

– D. F., Houston, Texas.

” I loved the wonderful energy of the class and my reading was very insightful. I learned how I can instantly calm myself from anxiety and open up my heart chakra. I loved your happy energy. Thank you

– C.A., Overland Park, Kansas

” I can tell Stephen is passionate about what he does and wants to truly help. I loved your energy and gained great insights”

– D.J. – Louisburg, KS

Your Chakras:  Their Location and Realms of Influence:

After your class, consider booking an in-depth private reading

  • Are you ready to more deeply enhance the quality of your life? 
  • Do you feel willing to to increase the power of your self-expression and personal success?
  • Together, with assistance from Spirit’s grace, we will go all the way to the very root of any challenges or concerns you may have.  And provide pathways for your amazing transformation.

Prior class participants enjoy reduced price.

Contact me for more information about this opportunity

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