Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Finding Peace Amidst World Chaos

Hands outstretched, waiting for an answer


For about three weeks, the horrible attacks by Russian forces on Ukraine had weighed heavily on my heart. The grief I felt was so severe, it triggered ongoing depression.

This depression was bad enough to weigh my life energy down during days, and deprive me of sleep at night. I just couldn’t shake it.

Guided Writing Eases the Pain

Since 1988, I’ve been gifted with the ability to channel spiritual guidance into words on paper.

The result is a loving conversation with Creator, which gives me perspective and life direction.

For those of you who have heard of Neal Donald Walsh’s book “Conversations with God”,  the process is quite similar.

Normally I don’t share my private sessions with the public.

Knowing so many of us feel anguish and helplessness in the face of the Russian attacks, I’ve decided to share this guidance so it may give you hope and peace.

3/10/22, 0740 – Channeled Session

“Let’s discuss Russia. Stephen, you are vastly compassionate and deeply care  when you see suffering and abuse. You have done a great deed by giving funds to those exquisite causes for Ukraine.

Aside from prayer, there’s nothing else you are able to do to stop the Russian onslaught.

Remember that Putin’s government is also abusing the peace protesters in Russia. So these individuals are suffering as well.

Putin is going mad, with increasing revenge as he continues to face brave resistance both at home and abroad.

He’s resorting to increasingly violent and devastating tactics to bluster his way. In essence, there’s nothing you can do about it. Just prayer.”

Creator’s Loving Guidance for My Peace of Mind:

The following words helped relieve my distress, bringing me perspective and solutions.

It’s my hope these insights will assist you as well, and perhaps you will find additional ways to detach from the madness. Everything in quotes is what I received from Creator.

“Talk to nature for solace and comfort. You were given potent guidance when in the woods earlier week. It’s about how humans’ minds are programmed to aggress upon and fight for power, ego, resources, and territory.

It’s the way it’s always been, and the Underdog has always been tormented, enslaved, tortured and more as part of this process.

It’s true that a greater consciousness is arising.

However, it’s programmed genetically in some people to continue the brutality. And, unfortunately many of these people strive for and attain power through osmosis and brute force.

Many but not all are young souls, and they will face the pain and distress they’ve wrought forth.

The Following Guidance for me may bring hope in your life too:

Stephen, your task on earth is to be a channel of God’s love. To spread joy, beauty and inspire fulfillment in your personal world. Remember as you inspire one person, this energy ripples forth.

Here you do have a say, control, empowerment and are making a difference.

So focus upon what you can do to bring light to your fellow humans.

In addition, take plenty of time to nurture yourself. Self-nurturance during these times is particularly important. Get into nature, remember music. Share your photos, love with Dorothy. (my wife)

Look forward with joy to planned events such as your upcoming birthday. Know that despite everything you see in the world, you matter. You do make a positive heartfelt difference.

Be not afraid to network your vision and your work. It’s valuable. These are things you do have command over.

Give thanks for all good, inspiring things which occur. Be at peace, despite outer appearances.

Remember that people have chosen their circumstances for soul growth and karmic balance.

There are many mysteries far beyond your conscious mind. Their existence may baffle you, confound and even frustrate you as you look upon the outer world.

However they are still of a purpose.

Guidance complete”