Community Highlights: Meet Stephen Levine of Transformational Growth Experiences

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stephen Levine.

Hi Stephen, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
The beauty of our seasons and weather events has touched my spirit since my very early childhood. As a toddler, my spirit went up and energetically joined the majestic castles of thunderheads, which my grandma later told me I called “funderclouds”.

By age five, I was chanting to the wind and savoring sparkling dewdrops, the essence of snowstorms and amazing lightning displays interacting with dark skies.

Around age six, I became my own “weather therapist”. It was a challenging childhood, and once when severely scolded for something I did or didn’t do, shame-filled my heart. Then it came to me to choose a weather condition which matched my feelings. What showed up was a bitter cold day with icy rain and sleet. Somehow, matching a weather event to my feelings completely validated how I felt, and the shame went away.

Decades later, I created for my master’s thesis in Expressive Therapies, a revolutionary system combining psychology, weather science and the expressive arts called Psy-Meteorology. Using weather metaphor for feelings and various emotional correspondences such as our eight directions, unconscious associations to weather events and more, my clients and I developed a Life Weather Map, which allowed them to make resolute and empowering choices among an array of possible circumstances and situations they are facing in their life.

The Dean was so excited about this program that he had me teach it to an incoming class of graduate students.

In addition, I was interviewed and featured in Boston Magazine, the Boston Globe and on a segment of Good Morning America.

Despite the awesome media P.R., the concept was still ahead of its time.

Since the 1980’s when this was created, I’ve been in many careers including directing and running a storm chase tour company. This company was featured internationally in both broadcast and printed media, including from Spain, England, Japan, and on TV shows such as the Tom Brokaw Evening News, National Geographic TV, CBS Hardcopy and more.

I taught seminars on life energy awareness and communication skills, Psy-Meteorology and owning your life successes.

After an 11-year stint at Richland College in Dallas, Texas as an academic and career advisor, the district had a major reorganization and laid significant staff off, including myself.

This gave me the opportunity to return to the Midwest which I had missed for decades and launch both Understanding the Weather of your Heart and You are More Successful than Ever Imagined Possible seminars.

Back with the four seasons, and my beloved lightning shows, I feel at home here in Overland Park.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Every life transition or change has had a set of challenges. However, over time I resolved the problems, and things grew better and better with each outcome. The challenge I faced when first releasing this technology in the 1980’s was it was ahead of its time.

Now, I am excited about its rebirth, as results have been extremely gratifying in my sessions and ecological psychology has become mainstream since then.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
My clients are individuals:

1) Who feel blocked in making an important decision and want to make resolute, empowering choices.

2) Have strong feelings about a specific life circumstance and want their feelings validated so they may freely empower themselves within that circumstance.

3) React strongly to weather such as rain, hot days, cold days, etc. and wish to make peace with the weather and its related cycles- and heal the psychological metaphor these events portray in their own lives.

My business utilizes a breakthrough technology called Psy-Meteorology which:

1) Draws on the power of clients’ subconscious minds for out of the box problem solutions.

2) Utilizes the power of right-brained imagery mixed with the expressive arts, bypassing logic and its associated assumptions to create breakthrough perspectives.

3) Combines weather science, creative arts and imagery which results in clients formulating a “Life Weather Profile” literally defining the subtle atmospheric and kinesthetic boundaries between each option or choice, allowing for clients to resolutely choose the best option they see on their life map.

And, yes these are mapped out with lows, highs and weather fronts just like we see on the TV weather reports.

I also offer workshops and presentations for children and young adults which assists them in discovering their weather power allies. This results in their discovering, validating and empowering feelings they carry inside, often unconsciously while having fun doing so.

My sessions and seminars are offered both in online and in person format.

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?
Setting out on a path and manifesting a goal with equal or even better results than we intended.

Also, making a loving impact on peoples’ lives, whether we were paid for it or not.

For instance, there are so many mothers who once their children get to college, and it’s time for the parent to re-enter the workforce, they see all those years of mothering as having no value in the success world.

Yet by using combinations of planning, managing, strategizing, crisis mitigation and other important skills during their motherhood, they have attained profound success. Part of my work is to assist clients in uncovering and recognizing their life successes, whether they’re recognized by society or not.

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