Chakra Readings: Healing and Personal Coaching

Stephen Eric Levine, Healer and Transformational Growth Coach

What is a “Chakra”?

We have numerous life force centers located in our physical and energy fields. The concept of chakras or life energy centers is over 2,000 years old and originates in Aurvedic and Chinese medical systems.

I have a unique gift of “seeing” your energy centers or chakras, how clear or congested they are, as well as the mental-emotional issues within each.

How is This Helpful for you?

During our session, we get to the root of any life challenges you face and birth your journey of in-depth healing.

This process begins minutes after our session starts.  

Frequently, life changing insights and breakthroughs immediately occur after our session has begun.

This is results oriented work, meant for those who are deeply committed to  personal transformation and life breakthroughs. Are you one of those people?

 Who Benefits from this Work?

  • Are you aware of having special talents yet feel stymied or blocked in expressing them?    Together, let’s help you find the courage to break free.
  • Do you feel trapped in an abusive job or relationship?    Our work together assists you in uncovering your vital life force.  This enhances your inner willpower and elevates you out of the situation.
  • Are you dealing with physical or emotional discomfort or dis-ease?   Your reading uncovers core energetic underpinnings of your discomfort. Together we arrive to empowering actions, enhancing your healing and self-esteem.
  • Have you ever had a beautiful life dream, yet feel fearful or stuck in launching it?     Through our work together, you will uncover your inner courage and will- power necessary to set your life dream in motion.
  • Are you a couple, dealing with a difficult committed relationship?       We  identify your mutual triggers at the energetic levels. This assists you in building strategies for healing together within your relationship. We may work individually or as a couple in session.

With love and compassion, we together reveal and heal the roots of your challenges.

Your Reading Includes:

  • Information on your healthy, highly functioning chakras. These healthy chakras shine upon others as gifts you offer the world. (Some clients have no prior awareness of their special gifts until our first session.)
  • Celebration and encouragement for enhancing your gifts further.
  • Guidance on your clouded and/or completely blocked chakras.
  • Instruction on how your distressed chakras combine to create negative patterns in your life.
  • Homework and beautiful affirmations specifically designed to heal any clouded or blocked energy centers and related life patterns.
  • This homework when done faithfully results in your empowerment and enhanced self-esteem.
  • Exploration of homework results during our next session.

Your Chakras- Their Locations and Realms of Influence:


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