Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Celebrating Our Magic Inner Child

W hen I was in high school, I remained under a restrictive discipline regime at home.  However, I never allowed any challenges to take from me my magic inner child.

The scent of flowers where I grew up always spoke to me, and deeply. My favorites were lilac, honeysuckle, and Black Locust tree blossoms (hanging down like wisteria.)

In our back yard, a beautiful lilac bush blossomed every spring.  It was almost heaven to go back there, bury my nose in one of those flowers and zone out.

Spring of my Junior year, my parents went away on vacation for a few days. It was during the height of lilac blossom season. My inner child was shrieking with glee.  I could now fully express myself while my parents were away.

So, I clipped two flowers from the tree, and stuffed them under my belt. They hung a few inches down my front in glorious color.

Next, time to stride off to school.

For me this was a visual celebration of beauty which touched my soul every year. It also represented my Nature Pride step- out from the closet.

Well, I got quite a reception.  Even the long-haired fellows who smoked and drank certain illegal things and hung out with similar young ladies nicknamed me “hippie”.  In fact, that was my nickname from that day on.

Every time they passed me in the hallway between classes, they declared “hi hippie”. I wore that name as a badge of pride. For my parents didn’t even allow me to grow a mustache.

My magic inner child lives on through this day. When I go to the woods, I love listening to bird symphonies, the chorus of crickets and cicadas.  I savor touching leaves and feeling their textures. When thunderstorms arise, my entire being fills with joy, awe, and wonder.

So now it’s your turn: I would love to know when and where your inner child expresses itself.  It could be anywhere, so long as you allow his or her joy to shine through unabashedly. Free from shame or embarrassment.

Your gateway to awe, wonder and reverence


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Blessings to each of you,