Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

“Beauty is Truth”

Celebrating Beauty as Means of Life Transformation

One of the big sanity saving awareness’s I had while growing up, and still enjoy is the love of beauty, whether it be beauty in nature, music, or people.

When originally reading the title quote, written by Keats, it resonated so strongly within me.

As we behold the beauty within our environment and within our own being, we feel uplifted and inspired.

How Savoring Beauty May Transform Our Lives

My grandpa Blockstein who worked six to seven 12 hour days per week, still  found time to marvel at nature: “Oy, look at the Cardinal” he stated in awe. Listening to his awe touched my heart. These sacred moments live within me decades after his life ended.

Another life changing example occurred when I was six years old. While gazing in awe into approaching thunderstorm clouds, I marveled to their amazing power and beauty.  In reverence, I quietly said to myself “so this is God”.

In addition to savoring nature’s beauty, I believe it’s crucially important we recognize the beauty of ourselves, even if inside we feel broken.

For instance, it wasn’t till well into my adulthood I realized that the beauty I behold outside me is a reflection of my beauty within.

 Honoring Your Beauty as Pathway to Empowerment

In my life coaching practice, many clients – especially women- consider themselves unworthy of receiving love.

When such clients show up in my office, I offer them a special homework assignment. When they follow this homework faithfully, amazing transformations occur.  This assignment is designed to help them discover and honor their physical beauty. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to try this on for yourself?

Your Love Assignment:

  1. Look in a mirror and admire your eyes, your hair and facial features through the eyes of an innocent child.
  2. Do this regardless of your gender identification
  3. Be willing to try this regardless of any inner resistance you may feel.
  4. Next do an inventory of your beautiful spiritual and personal qualities.
  5. Write these down on paper.

My Invitation to You:

I’m wondering how difficult it might be for you to do this Love Assignment? Give it a try tonight; I would love to read about your experience.

For many of my clients, these exercises were profoundly difficult at first, but due to my encouragement and cheer, it got easier over time.

Through acknowledging their own qualities of beauty, my clients came to the truth of their worthiness of love.

Transformation Through Beauty Awareness:

A Real Life Experience

For one of my clients, this journey lasted a year. It was amazing for me to witness her steps to empowerment and accepting love.

These steps included:

  1.  Cancelling a planned wedding
  2. Extracting herself from that abusive relationship
  3. Learning to recognize and honor her personal beauty
  4. Meeting the love of her life
  5. Going on an amazing ski vacation with him
  6. Graduating from our work together, due to transformed self-worth

I invite each of you to try these exercises. If so moved, please share your experience with me at the following email:


Each reflection will be kept private between the two of us.

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“Everyone is Beautiful in Their Very Own Way!”

(C) 2022, Stephen Eric Levine, Transformational Growth Experiences