Celebrating the Gift of Life

Summer dusk on the Kemah Boardwalk. Facing Galveston Bay. Greetings everyone, Today I would love to share some powerful distinctions I’ve learned between circumstances and life itself. Perhaps you’ve heard folks say “life is hard” or “life sucks”, etc. During a particularly hard cycle I was going through, it occurred to me that life itself…

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Finding Peace Amidst World Chaos

Background: For about three weeks, the horrible attacks by Russian forces on Ukraine had weighed heavily on my heart. The grief I felt was so severe, it triggered ongoing depression. This depression was bad enough to weigh my life energy down during days, and deprive me of sleep at night. I just couldn’t shake it.…

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“Beauty is Truth”

Celebrating Beauty as Means of Life Transformation One of the big sanity saving awareness’s I had while growing up, and still enjoy is the love of beauty, whether it be beauty in nature, music, or people. When originally reading the title quote, written by Keats, it resonated so strongly within me. As we behold the…

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Our Amazing Tapestry

I t was 1990, and I was sitting alone as usual in my Vermont kitchen having dinner and listening to music. On this particular evening, an amazing and unexpected transformation occurred in my life: My Out of Body Journey: One of Pat Methany’s jazz songs came on the radio, and suddenly during its reflective interlude,…

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The Power of Weather Metaphor for Emotional and Situational Healing

Large, old Sailing ship during setting sun over ocean.

When Trade Winds Ceased to Flow in My Life A couple weeks ago, I felt totally stuck within a crucial life circumstance. This was akin to the old expression of being between a rock and hard place, and frankly I saw no way out. How many of you have ever felt this way within a…

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Embracing Our Earth, Opening Our Hearts

Billowy thunderclouds over lake reflecting in the water

Welcome to my new blog, titled Embracing our Earth, Opening Our Hearts. With this blog it’s my goal to inspire you, the reader with beautiful photos expressing the artistic beauty and power of nature, thoughts regarding nature and healing, personal reflections and inspiration. It’s my hope that this blog will inspire healing and empowerment both…

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