Me and my wife Dorothy, celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, May 2021.


Thunderstorms are my favorite weather, this one captured in Overland Park.


My Spirit has felt home in the thunderheads since early childhood. When I was a teenager, my grandmother told me I frequently talked about the “Funderheads” as a toddler. Captured this magnificent scene during a north Texas storm chase with my wife.


I’ve been an innovator and leader since my teen years.

Leadership- Some Groups Created

  • Junior Year College: Created an environmental activist group, CRAC or the Committee for the Preservation of Athens County (Ohio). Received significant university funding from my school, Ohio University as well as “Official University Organization” status after attending budget hearings.
  • Also, in college I was appointed as the Undergraduate Representative to the University Energy Conservation Commission, working along side of key administrators, engineers, and others to help cut our energy usage at Ohio University.
  • In my 30’s created a Single’s Group while living in New Hampshire. This was featured in our local newspaper.
  • 40’s and beyond, created Men’s Circles when living in California and Texas. Still running meetings by Zoom with my Dallas area group.
  • In 1996, I created and ran Tornado Alley Safari, a storm chase tour company which took paying clients from all over America on 10-day tours in pursuit of lightning shows and tornados. This group earned international broadcast and written media acclaim. In addition, as interest in such groups blossomed during the late 1990’s, Mine was the only group which offered a spiritual as well as scientific and artistic perspective to storm chasing. This included a voluntary morning prayer circle among us before our day began.
  • Won the above Student Leadership Award while working as Senior Advisor at Richland College in Dallas Texas. There I created a special club for Visionary Students, or students who had a dream of making this world a better place, utilizing their special talents and interests. Served as Advising Department Representative to the College Assessment Team as well as Lead Probation/Suspension advisor.


  • Undergraduate: Double majors, Political Science and Philosophy.
  • Post-Graduate: Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapies.