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Walk With Me Down the Path of Healing and Inner Peace
Clients gain insights through healing and self-introspection.
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Four Amazing Transformational Experiences
Stephen Eric Levine, M.A., Healer and Transformational Growth Coach

Offering you four results-based experiences designed to enhance the quality of and deepen fulfillment in your life. Customizable for all ages Pre-K thru Business Executives.

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How You Will Benefit

Love Your Life!

Experience radical leaps in embracing your self-worth and acknowledgement as a vehicle for unconditional love in your life, and the lives you touch.

You are more successful than you imagined picture

Why Choose These Experiences

You are more successful than you imagined picture

Eye Opening Insights

Learn how things you do without thought may be major gifts of love and blessings to others.

Gain immediate enhancement of your self- esteem.

Understand the legacy you have already created and continue to create- just by being you!


Shatter past blocks to your success and set yourself free.

Discover weather as force for healing and inspiration.
Deepen your relationship to natural cycles.
Experiencing awe, wonder and joy.


Selling Points

Program Flexibility

Tailored to group size

Team Building

Individual/team play
Shared experiences
Enhances group awareness

Good For
All Ages

All ages benefit from play & self-discovery


Build personal skills
Go introspective
Find your power

Seminars Offered
Cities - Nationwide Coverage
Clients Seen
Satisfaction Level